Independence - 2007

"Lee Blessing's Independence is one of the best shows Gypsy Productions has ever offered. Four excellent actresses, crackerjack direction and attractive design turn this exploration of family dysfunction into a riveting and rewarding two hours at the Suncoast Theatre"

"As directed by Trevor Keller and Brad Minus, Independence has the look and feel of life itself:"
- Creative Loafing (Formerly "The Weekly Planet")

Twilight of the Golds - 2006

"Yet, when her husband, Rob, played by Brad Minus as a slightly smug and rigid scientist, indicates he'd rather not have a gay son, she considers an abortion, knowing David will be upset.." - St. Pete Times

Psycho Beach Party - 2006

"Brad Minus as the surfer Star Cat gives one of his best performances ever, offering an ultra-sincere superficiality that's engagingly silly..." - Weekly Planet

Servant of Two Masters - 2006

"Then there are the actors who take the play seriously, and offer us something like realism -- Brad Minus as Pantalone..." - Weekly Planet

"Acorn regulars Brad Minus and Kelly Sardinas are solid, as always" - St. Pete Times

Glass Menagerie - 2005

"Minus comes more to life in more conventionally dramatic scenes, and in his performance Tom's love for his addled family comes through subtly but palpably." - St. Pete Times

The Good Doctor - 2005

"David C. Baker and Brad Minus were on comedic fire for the entire evening, especially in a segment about an inept dentist and his wary patient, and breathed some dramatic depth into their characters in "The Quiet War," a piece about two old men who meet weekly for heated but pointless debate". -St. Pete Times

Death of a Salesman - 2004

"Perhaps the very best actor in the play is Brad Minus, who as Happy is physical, kinetic, smug and of (appropriately) limited awareness. Minus has that special quality -- call it "charisma" for lack of a better word -- that rivets our attention from the start, and persuades us that the actor and the part are indivisible."
- Weekly Planet

The Eighth Order - 2003

"Minus' portrayal of Philip runs the full gamut of emotion, and he does well to capture the essence of the character " -Potomac News

"In an understated and effective performance, Brad Minus is the ethereal Philip, whose gift leaves him lonely and isolated." - Washington Post

King Stag - 2002

"As Clariche's lover, Aleandro, and as the magician Turandart, Brad Minus displays a light comic touch.." - Washington Post

Could Angels Be Blessed - 2002

"Director Brad Minus has done a remarkable job of pacing his cast and managing the dynamic range of their performances." - Washington Post

HEADLINE:"Could Angels Be Blessed 'is a masterpiece of self discovery"
"As a story about finding one's place in the world despite loss and rejection it is a masterpiece."
- Potomac News

"These characters were well defined and well directed. They were enjoyable to watch because of the many weavings of humor, and they left me feeling like I missed them the next day."
- The Review Magazine